KKN Story

Hi! Been awhile since my last blog post.


And it’s been a couple weeks since my comeback from experiencing KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) in Desa Cisaat, Purwakarta – West Java, which is held by my uni and is a must thing to do if I want to graduate. So, yeah, let’s just get started.


On last September I’ve plotted into Desa Cisaat with other 20 people from different faculty in my uni and then a couple weeks later we met for Pre-KKN Test and got to know each other, tried to get ourselves ready for The Day.


The preparation hasn’t stopped right there, our team had to do a visit to Purwakarta for a house-searching. Later, that house will be our place to stay for a whole month of KKN. In fact, we couldn’t find any house that is fit for these 21 people.


Closer to the day we’re gonna sent off for KKN,  we were informed that a school and a mosque in Desa Cisaat both have an empty room for us to stay. Saw it through pictures, all of us finally agreed to make it our ‘home’ for KKN.


On 6th January 2016, as it was planned, KKNM-PPMD Integratif Universitas Padjadjaran had started for us. We were gathered in the campus for a ceremony and then sent off to our own KKN plot. It was a cold and foggy morning in Bandung, yet when we arrived in Purwakarta, it’s all gone. Only heat and sweats left.


The rest is history. Purwakarta’s heat was gone replaced by endless rain several days after our stay. We stick to the guidebook and following every activities that was held by native people. Day by day we’re enjoying our routines in Desa Cisaat such as teaching at the school, visiting the government office, lake-to-lake stroll, etc.


First ‘Diner’
First Saturday Night
Visit ‘Situ Buleud’
Visit ‘Situ Cisaat’


Morning Exercise
Drama Class
Singing Class
After Singing & Drama Class
Visit ‘Situ Wanayasa’
After Blog Socializing
Final Project! Art Performance by Cisaat’s Kids




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