Get Away From Breakouts


A while ago I shared this picture of myself in heavy breakouts compared next to my current face condition on Instagram and many of my followers asked how I got here. Actually my current face condition is not that smooth or like suppa-duppa-clear, but I’m pretty satisfied with it compared to the past condition. Through this blog I want to share some habits that you might need to change if you want to get clearer and breakout-free skin.


Before I breakdown the list, I want to remind anyone who read this that I’m not an expert. This is just my personal experience and due to some requests I’m willing to share it here with you. Hopefully, it will be helpful enough and work on you too. Now this may be not in the right order but it does work, let’s begin!


  • Do Your Day & Night Routine

It’s important to feed the right amount of remedies on your face. You need to know your skin type first then you’ll know the steps to give the best remedies. Know your skin problems. In this case, breakouts. Do research the most recommended products for this kind of problem on your skin type. For me, it’s an oily skin. I had a long time of researching before I’m out to purchase the products I use right now. If you want to know my remedies you can read it here. Please note that the right products will work wonder when they are applied with the right way. In this case, be gentle with your skin and never rub it.

  • Stay Out Of Your Hair

We may not realize this but our hair might full of dirts and those dirts might reach our face which caused the breakouts. Keep our hair clean by washing it at least once in two days. If you’re that lazy to wash your hair, make sure it doesn’t reach our face by tying the hair using some hairbands.

  • Clean Hands, Clean Face

Our hands are not as clean as they seem. Wash it as often as you can. Wash it before and after you do everything. Especially if you’re a handy person who can’t help not touching your face. Please, sanitize your hands and if possible get it out of your face. Well, if you don’t feel like to, I hope you’re prepare for the breakouts.

  • Look Out, Change That Pillow Cover!

Another home of the dirts, they even party on it. Can you imagine if the party moves to your face? If you don’t dare to imagine, change that pillow cover at least once a week.

  • The Right Makeup, The Less Makeup

We’re trying to get a clearer skin here. Well, makeup may make you look flawless temporarily but it might make your breakouts even worse. I bet you don’t want that. When I’m on the phase on healing my breakouts, I didn’t feel to wear any makeup until I reach the clearer skin that I want. By not wearing any makeup means no foundation, no concealer, nothing. Sometimes when I feel like wearing makeup I’d put my brow pomade and eyeliner on. Period. Sometimes I still put my powder on, too. Make sure whatever it is you put on matches your skin type and just don’t wear it too much.

  • Mineral Water Works Wonder

Most of us might still underestimate the power of mineral water. Most of us are sometimes forgot if we already took a glass of it or not. By that, all of us have to start to consume it at least 8 glasses or 1 Liter per day. Not only it will hydrate us from head to toe, it will also help us to lose weight, reduce kidney stone risk, lower blood pressure, and many other benefits. In our beauty regime, mineral water can also used to wash faces, mixed with toner, wet our beauty products, etc. The most important thing is, it’s easy to find and not pricey. What is it to ignore?

  • Eat Properly

I once went to a dermatologist and the doctor told me I can’t eat some food in the list she made if I want to heal from the breakouts. I ignored it. Never went to any dermatologist since then because I’m a lazya$$. I thought, nonsense. I could eat whatever I want. Until the time I start practising skincare layering and when I came to realize why it didn’t work fully well on me. I was busy feeding my skin from the outside and forgot my skin also need to be fed from within. So I began to improve my eating habit. I eat less beans, less fried, less spicy (which is very hard for me), less dairy, more fishes, more veggies, and more you can research by yourself. After that I can instantly see the difference and always try to consume what’s best for my skin, and for my own health.


I guess that will be all. Sorry if it doesn’t seem like the tips that you needed. I tried my best, tho. Feel free to share your own experience or drop questions if you have any on the comment box. Thank you for reading this. Here is a picture of me admiring myself on the mirror, LOL. See ya! xx



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