KKN Story

Hi! Been awhile since my last blog post.   And it’s been a couple weeks since my comeback from experiencing KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) in Desa Cisaat, Purwakarta – West Java, which is held by my uni and is a must thing to do if I want to graduate. So, yeah, let’s just get started. […]

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  Life is too short to just live it up. Life is too short not to learn. Life is too short to wear boring jewelry. That’s what brought me here today, what made me do all the things to make it happened. That’s how AMMANI was born. In case some of you haven’t heard about […]

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Daily Lips Routine

It’s finally here! My very first tutorial video talking about how I do my lips everyday just because many of my Ask.fm fellas asked for it. I’m also gonna talk about it here because I messed up the video and not giving enough information in it. Lol, pardon me this is my first experience since I’m […]

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Staying In Northern Sky

One of the reasons why Weekend feels better than Weekdays is that we get to explore new things, places, people, and so on without feeling guilty because we haven’t done our tasks and stuffs. For me (and most people I believe), Weekend is all chillin and having fun! Last weekend my friends and I got […]

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