Get Away From Breakouts

A while ago I shared this picture of myself in heavy breakouts compared next to my current face condition on Instagram and many of my followers asked how I got here. Actually my current face condition is not that smooth or like suppa-duppa-clear, but I’m pretty satisfied with it compared to the past condition. Through this […]

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One Cold Thai Tea, Please?

YES, I was super-duper-excited! Pagi itu (6/4/2017) buru-buru bangun dan siap-siap untuk ke bandara karena setelah sekian lama akhirnya bisa liburan bareng temen-temen lagi. Destinasi kali ini ke Bangkok, Thailand. Tujuan utama trip kali ini udah bisa ditebak, yak! A Head Full of Dreams Tour-nya Coldplay. Setelah perencanaan berbulan-bulan, mulai dari rebutan tiket konser online (yang […]

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Eyes wide open Heart beats faster She wasn’t prepared She falls deep down the hole – Why does she feeling hurt She doesn’t bleed Why do tears falling down It is just a dream – Poor little girl If only she knew it’s just an illusion More like self-delusion It wouldn’t feel that hurt

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KKN Story

Hi! Been awhile since my last blog post.   And it’s been a couple weeks since my comeback from experiencing KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) in Desa Cisaat, Purwakarta – West Java, which is held by my uni and is a must thing to do if I want to graduate. So, yeah, let’s just get started. […]

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  Life is too short to just live it up. Life is too short not to learn. Life is too short to wear boring jewelry. That’s what brought me here today, what made me do all the things to make it happened. That’s how AMMANI was born. In case some of you haven’t heard about […]

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